At Reckart Logistics, we provide our customers a simplified shipping experience at a competitive price. We believe in building strong relationships by exceeding our customers' expectations in every way.

Reckart Logistics Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Simplified Shipping Experience at a Competitive Price

At Reckart Logistics, we provide our customers a simplified shipping experience at a competitive price. We believe in building strong relationships by exceeding our customers’ expectations in every way. Each of our carriers is a prequalified professional. Our customer support team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with Reckart Logistics is exceptional, and our entire team is dedicated to serving your government or business warehousing, storage, and shipping requirements promptly, safely and with maximum efficiency.

Best Customer Service and Shipping Experience Nationwide

We enjoy hearing from our customers. Let us know what you enjoyed about your shipping experience with Reckart Logistics, as well as any additional feedback that you may have. If you have any concerns, please contact our customer service department immediately. We continually strive to improve our performance to best meet the needs of each of our valued clients nationwide, as well as throughout Mexico and Canada. Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

What people are saying

“Perfect! I am quite pleased with the level of service and hope to do much more business with you going forward! Thank you!”


“I am not sure how Houston found us, but he called at the exact perfect moment. I had an emergency load that had to be run and he jumped all over it for me. The pricing was good, the timing was on point and the service was excellent.

I have dealt with many different trucking companies and brokers and have never found customer service like that with Reckart Logistics. Houston has set up quite a few loads for me and will continue to get my business. He is professional, communicative, and honest. He makes the shipping portion of my job easier. I know that he is young and probably still has a lot to learn in your industry, but I think he is absolutely on the right track.

We have not always been an easy customer.  We have made many last minute changes, been late on loading, given short notice on our need of a truck, etc.; I have had to call him in the early morning hours, late at night and even on the weekends. He has always answered or called me right back. Through all of that Houston has remained calm, collected, and focused. He has never let us down.

I am telling you all of this because I believe that every owner wants to know that their company’s image is held to a certain standard and also because I believe that every employee deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication.”


“Reckart Logistics Inc. has been a steady customer of DLA Energy for a number of years now.  Reckart has faithfully serviced DLA Energy customers without incident.  There have been many times, such as during Hurricane Sandy, that Reckart came through, when other carriers did not. When incidents such as Sandy occur, the Army and Air National Guard locations are often activated for emergency response. In these incidents, Reckart was always willing to make deliveries that were not only vital to DLA, but also the wellbeing of our nation. There have been several instances when regular system deliveries were not established in our
transportation system, and Reckart came through, making the delivery on time, submitting a verbal price quote, and then later submitting the tender as time permitted. These types of cases extremely helped our organization get the fuel to our customers, within short suspense timelines, thus meeting the customers’ demands.”


“We have used Reckart Logistics for several years for our shipping needs. They have been instrumental in moving freight quickly and efficiently for our company. They offer competitive pricing and Reckart is always our go to carrier. They are always dependable even with out of the norm situations. Their great customer service and friendly attitudes has made them very easy to work with and we know we can rely on Reckart Logistics to get the job done”


“This kind of excellent customer service is why we do business with Reckart. I appreciate the honesty and have recommended to anyone in this company that arranges trucking to use Reckart first. I will also let our entire network of distributers know that they should use Reckart.”


“After doing logistics the same way for over 25 years, we started working with Reckart. They became our sole source solution”

- Bob